It’s time to share your magic.

I support soulpreneurs with intuitive WordPress web design, care and consulting.

Want to bring your woo to the web?

When you show up in the world as a working coach or healer, your website should quickly and clearly show your potential clients who you are and how you can serve them.

Your website should lead visitors through a fluid and seamless experience to a single action (like opting into your list or booking a session).

As you grow your business and expand your services, your site should be able to evolve with you.


The process of creating and caring for your site should NOT distract you from serving your clients.

Hi! I’m Liz.

I specialize in helping soulpreneurs make authentic connections with their potential clients online through WordPress web design, care and consulting.

I go beyond all “the tech stuff” to work with my clients holistically; I understand the unique challenges that you can face when making yourself visible to a public that may or may not understand your unique magic. 

You hit your own resistance, blocks, fear… your deepest wounds around acceptance, belonging and even survival get activated.

You are a 5D magician in a 3D world and it can be quite the adventure just being yourself.

Add to that the brave choice to put all your wonderful weirdness online… and on top of that, to ask people to pay you for your services… that can be overwhelming!

I am here to help relieve that sense of overwhelm. 

I believe that your magic is evidence that the people who need it exist and will be there to receive it when you allow it to move through you.

I am here to help you create space to serve in your highest capacity while co-creating a magnetic website aligned with your most authentic self.

Are you ready?

Meredith Walters

True to My Vision

“I’m so glad I hired Liz Lee to design my website. She was the perfect balance of guide–helping me make sure I followed current best practices–and listener–making sure she designed something true to my vision. She was responsive to my feedback and patient throughout. She took the time to find beautiful images that were right on for the feel of my site and brand, and she designed a site that I love and am proud to have represent me. She truly got what I wanted and with her creative magic made it real.“


Meredith Walters
Author & Coach

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