Why WordPress?

If you search “reasons to use WordPress,” you will definitely get results all about its extendability with thousands of free and premium plugins, how SEO-friendly it is, and the fact that you can download the software itself for free. I love WordPress for all those things, of course. But I want to go a step further and tell you why I love it for my clients.

5 Reasons for Regular Website Maintenance

If the possibility of a completely dysfunctional website doesn’t motivate you to sign up for a maintenance plan (or learn how to do it yourself), here are five excellent reasons you should practice regular maintenance on your website

4 Types of Website Shame (and How to Cure It!)

You shake hands, look everyone in the eye, smile, chat, give out cards…but you find yourself making excuses for your website…”It’s about to be revamped…” or “I am in the process of updating my website, so just email me with any questions you have…yes, that’s…it says it on the card, right there…” The truth is you have a case of website shame.