The SparkSite™

Are you starting (or restarting) your entrepreneurial journey?

You’re feeling the inspiration and you’re getting the downloads. You’ve released tons of resistance and you’re ready to (gulp) be visible.

Riding this wave of excitement, you dive into the internet for all the wisdom you can gather about creating a website.

You quickly get lost in a sea of information and before you know it, you’re in a state of overwhelm.

All the energy you were feeling around your new business gets siphoned off into this quest, which leads you off into a number of side quests and rabbit holes.

Let’s practice some rabbit hole control.

As a working coach or healer, you need a website that:


Shows your potential clients who you are and how you can serve them


Leads visitors through a fluid and seamless experience to a single action (like opting into your list or booking a session)


Is able to grow and evolve with you

A SparkSite™ does all of this.

A SparkSite™ is a WordPress website that has all the essentials that a coach or healer needs when launching their business.

After working with soulpreneurs for over a decade, I have developed a process of website cocreation that helps you maintain laser focus on woo-ing your soulmate clients. (See what I did there?😉)

There is SO much noise in the coaching space about what you need when you start out, and I’ve seen many people get tangled up in a web of “must have” apps and platforms that leave them feeling disempowered and confused, wondering what’s wrong with them.

Can’t master a website builder, hosting, domain registration, Canva, scheduling, email marketing, five social media platforms and the latest and greatest miracle app all at once? Yeah, me neither.

How can you possibly serve the people who need your magic when you are suffocating under a mountain of technology–most of which you simply don’t need yet?

You can’t.

My priority is helping coaches and healers connect with their dream clients as easily as possible. I’ve streamlined the web design process just for you, so that you can get on with your wizardry.

“The divine spark that you seek is already within you. Allow it to shine through you unobstructed and it will eternally light your way.”

– Omar Cherif

So, what does a SparkSite™ include?

Copywriting Assistance

Worried about your website copy? A SparkSite™ comes with copy cues and prompts, plus my feedback! (Did you know I taught English for ten years?)

Style Guide

I will help you create a style guide that will include a simple text logo, your color palette, and the fonts you will use on your website.

Content Strategy

I will help you develop a content strategy that will connect you with your soulmate clients and make your site a valuable resource for them.

Website Hosting

Your first year of hosting your SparkSite™ on my dedicated server is free! You don’t have to do a thing to set it up. I will take care of that for you.

Stock Photos

Until you can book that epic photo shoot, we can provide beautiful stock photos for your SparkSite™.


Make edits to your site easily with the help of my tutorials, even if you don’t identify as “tech savvy.”

1:1 Meetings with Me

5 Zoom meetings to go over all the elements of your SparkSite™, covering tech logistics, content and design.


The Pages You Need

All the essential pages for your soulmate clients to explore: Home, About, Services, FAQs, Blog/Vlog, Contact

Email Support

Between meetings, I will respond to your emails with any questions or concerns you have about your SparkSite™.

Ready to move forward?

(Normally $1977)


(Normally $333)

Meredith Walters

Fluid and seamless from beginning to end

“I have worked with other web designers before but I was never happy with the process of co-creating a website. Then, I discovered Liz Lee’s SparkSite™. What a game changer!! Working with Liz was fluid and seamless from beginning to end. She intuitively captured the essence of both me and my business with very little effort on my part. For the first time, I am extremely happy and proud to send potential clients to my website. Thank YOU so much, Liz, for the beautiful work you do and making the process fun and easy!!“


Kim Koch
The Bone Architect

The SparkSite™ Process

1. Choose Your Payment Option

Special Kairos pricing: You can choose to pay one payment of $1577 or six monthly payments of $277.

2. Book Your Website Elements Session

The first step to any website design or redesign, this intensive session will help us get clear on the elements of your website.

3. Enjoy the magical co-creation process!

We will work (and play!) together to build your site. Don’t worry though–I will do the actual building, but you will be providing your own unique magic for me to work with.

4. Soft launch your site.

When we’ve ironed out all the details and are ready to launch the site, we’ll do a “soft launch,” meaning that we will share it with trusted people for feedback.

5. Shout about your site from the rooftops!

This is the “hard launch” where your site is officially ready for your soulmate clients to visit.

Ready to begin our adventure?


Meredith Walters

I cannot say enough good things

“Liz Lee is both responsive and intuitive in her design. It is like she reads the vibe I’m after and completely captures it every time. I am so proud of my website I send everyone I can to check it out. I cannot say enough good things about working with Liz.

She also takes care of all of the technology, behind the scenes stuff, and responds with urgency if anything is off kilter. Another great benefit to working with Liz is how gracefully she accepts and integrates client feedback.”


Susan Mitchell
Thrive Farm GA

Recent Web Design Projects

Anne Roche Coaching

Not sure yet, but want to meet with me and make a plan?

The first step to any website design or redesign, this intensive session will help us get clear on the elements of your website:


Your domain

Your host

Your email platform

Your scheduler

Your payment processor


Your messaging

Your calls-to-action

Your bio

Your posts

Your FAQs

Your rave reviews


Your logo

Your color palette

Your fonts

Your photos

Your preferred symbols and/or sigils


Your mission and vision

Your impact on others and their results

Your magical presence in the world

We will hold this session via Zoom video conference and the session will be recorded for your reference. The cost of this session ($222 Kairos pricing $177) is deducted from the final cost of a web design project if you sign on with me within one month of our session.

Even if you opt to work with another designer, you will walk away from our session with much more clarity on how you wish to create your website!

Once you book your session and complete payment, you will receive an email with details on preparing for our time together. I recommend that you allow yourself a few days to gather materials and inspiration to bring to our meeting.

Sound good?